Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a bright idea!

As I am always searching for floral decor that is outside the box, these lampshade centerpieces have made it to the top on my list of new and exciting floral arrangements. Picture a room full of illuminated centerpieces with fresh floral and complimenting shades. There wouldn't be a guest who was not at least a little impressed with the originality and impact of these centerpieces! Because these arrangements take a slight effort in engineering, they are not for the overly budget-conscious bride. However, using a limited number at selected spots throughout the event will still allow you to express your creative side.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

all in the details...

So here is another one of my favorite trends happening in wedding floral d├ęcor: using fresh flowers to decorate napkins, place settings or menu cards. Picking a single beautiful bloom and adding it to each place setting is such an amazing little detail that will delight your guests as the are seated at their tables. It is also a fabulous way to add a little colour to the table without blowing the budget!