Thursday, June 10, 2010

Online Florist Whitby, Oshawa, GTA

I am always looking for inspiring trends in floral design. Often times this inspiration is found in the work of other floral designers and their amazing visions of modern, outside-the-box wedding flowers. I came across a company called Floral Verde ( They are located in Michigan and I was instantly impressed with their designs. The use of unordinary elements such as succulents and feathers in bridal bouquets is a phenomenal example of the endless possibilities for unique expressions of a bride’s style. I chose a few designs that really caught my eye and here’s why….

This is beyond incredible. Feathers in a boutquet. I don't think I need to say much more.

An all greenery bouquet. How amazing is this???!! Some brides don’t crave the traditional white floral bouquet. This would be a perfect alternative for a bride who isn’t afraid to try something different.

The Simplicity and elegance of the tulips is the main attraction here, but it is the lace detail on the wrapping that really got me excited. Using jeweled broaches on your bouquet stems is another way to add impressive detail.

I loved the amazingly unique look of this bouquet. A fast approaching trend is loose, romantic and unstructured bouquets.


  1. Thanks for the love! I just checked out your website and your work is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Janet! I really find your work inspiring, it is just incredible!

  3. I love the all-greenery bouquet -- what type of leaf is that?

  4. Hi, I was just wondering what is the leaf in the 'all greenery bouquet'? (same as above comment! :)