Friday, November 12, 2010

Florsit Whitby, Oshawa, GTA

Here is another marvelous example of using a-typical elements for your wedding floral. These photos are taken from the Style Me Pretty Blog, which in the floral design world is like the Mecca of all things wedding and wonderful. Flowers are courtesy of TruSO weddings and photography is by The Reason. Always impetrative to give accolades to the genius behind these creations!

The succulents shown here are up and coming stars in the floral design world and those little yellow beauties are known as Craspedia or “Billy Buttons.” There’s also some Silver Brunia popped in there that is to die for. I am just in love with this look for wedding floral and want to share with you all in hopes that it will inspire you as well!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Order Flowers Online Whitby - LMFD BLOG

A shout out to the gents….

Ok, let’s all be honest here people. Not many grooms are eager to wear a pretty pink flower on their suit. Sure, maybe there are some who see the importance of being tied into the wedding floral (or more importantly keeping their bride-to-be happy), but I think most guys would opt out of this selection if given the choice. But a new trend is emerging that can make everyone happy! Boutonni√®res that still incorporate the colours or style of the wedding, but made with less “girly” elements, such as berries, fiddleheads or all greenery is one of my new favourite developments in wedding floral design. Even using completely non-floral pieces such as the button boutonni√®re above is a wicked way to show your chic style and attention to the details.