Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Online Florist Whitby, Osahwa, GTA - be a rebel.

When a bride asks me questions like, "should the bridesmaid's bouquets match the groomsmen boutonnieres?" or "can my brother stand up on the brides side of the party?" I say THERE ARE NO RULES!!!! In fact, the less rules you follow, the more authentic and personal your wedding becomes. With the pictures here, I urged the client to give her girls all white flowers (typically reserved for the the bride) and give herself an all dark fuscia bouquet. I think this picture speak for itself. The girls look sophisticated and the brides bouquet POPS at you and would otherwise be lost against her white dress. An emerging trend is to give the bridesmaids all different bouquets! Staying with the theme and colours of the wedding, but not making every bouquet the same...

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