Monday, August 29, 2011

Online Florist Whitby - "type-casting"

We all know what this means... George Costanza? The guy who played that unforgettable character will never, for the rest of his life, be able to live down the persona of George. Well, the wrongly type-casted carnation is the George Costanza of the floral design world as far as I am concerned. It ruled the 80's. Now it seems we turn our noses up at this versatile, hardy and really actually gorgeous flower. The variety of colours is second only to roses and it has a romantic, elegant look. Like any flower, it's all in how you use it people, I am telling you.

Let's give this 80's hero another chance.

And for the record, despite its obviously unjust reputation, it's not a "cheap" flower. Nor should it be. Look at it. And everything was cheaper 30 years ago, no?

Flowers and photos not by LMFD!!!!!

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