Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Florist Whitby - Flaurel's Choice.

"What flowers would YOU have Laurel?" I get this question a lot. Friends, family, clients, the staff at Homesense which I frequent almost daily. People are curious. And it's a valid question in that I see countless weddings, yet I can never seem to express what it is I would want. That is until now. And I have to thank my #1 compadre over at Lavish and Light Photography for pointing this one out to me. She came across this post featured on the Style Me Pretty Blog, which if you have planned a wedding or event, know that it is the Bible of wedding style. The floral design in this wedding just sums it up for me. I have been known to do a lampshade centrepiece, but chesnuts in the vase?? Crazy. I feel like they should be in some rich sailor's study. And the blue berries, yellow crapsidea, moss, succulents, ornate wood pieces, where do I stop with the love??

P.S. I am not getting married.

Flowers and photos NOT by LMFD. The credit goes to other talented people, you can find them on the STMP Blog. Enjoy.