Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whitby Flowers - Order Flowers Online Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Brooklin

It's a great day to be a small business owner. Advertising, marketing and even sales are literally at our fingertips. Websites, blogs, email, facebook and twitter have opened the door to take up what I like to call eRetail space. Cutting the costs and risks of an actual retail store allows for a minimal overhead and no, this does not mean we are cheaper. It means the client gets more bang for their buck. It means you are paying for the product, supplies and time to put your product together. Not my rent, utilities, insurance, yada yada. So long story short, check out the LMFD eStore. The pieces on this store site are custom, unique and are designed to make a personal statement to the lucky recipient you are sending them to!

Florist Whitby - Broach (Brooch) Bridal Bouquet

There really is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms for a bride. BUT I will never shy away from the alternative options out there. This brings me to the Broach Bridal Bouquet. Vintage is all the rage these days in wedding design and these beauties fit in perfectly, especially if you can get your hands on grandmas antique pieces to throw in there. Here are a few that I found for inspiration...

A custom broach bouquet starts at $350.00. Please inquire directly to hello@laurelmunro.com for your piece!